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Win Workforce Employee Management

Win Workforce

Employee Management Platform

Compensation, benefits administration and management.
Manage employee skill development for career growth and compliance.
Automation for onboarding, offboarding, and leave of absence.
One integrated platform for all your employee management needs.


Discover the true power of streamlined recruitment with our intuitive applicant tracking software. Win Workforce is a game-changer for small and mid-sized companies looking to enhance their recruiting operations. Not only does our top-tier software make your job easier, it also enhances the candidate experience. As new candidates enter the prospective talent pool, the business intellience side springs into action. Your criteria is used to rank candidates for interview. In addition, Win Workforce has the ability to send custom surveys post-recruitment, allowing you to gather valuable feedback to refine your hiring strategy.

Talent Management

Capture and hold onto exceptional talent by offering memorable candidate experiences, promoting in-house career growth, and making intelligent hiring choices. Ignite employee engagement and productivity with our intuitive, cross-device tools designed to energize your workforce. We're on a mission to boost employee engagement and productivity. Win Workforce provides business leaders with continuous performance management, a systematic approach to challenging your employees, matching their skillset with opportunities, and providing a path to promotion.

Career Development

With Win Workforce, managers and employees can work together to set clear expectations, so feedback is targeted and relevant to their development plan and future career opportunities. Our solution offers the much-needed support for future planning and career development. When you invest in your workforce's future, you're fueling their motivation, making them feel valued. The result is a significant boost in employee retention. Win Workforce helps you create a team-oriented organization that prepares your workforce for the future. Together, we can future-proof your workforce resulting in business success.


Compensation planning with Win Workforce is not a guessing game. It allows you to visualize the impact of your compensation and total rewards programs on your business in the short and long term. Our software simplifies the management of your entire compensation strategy beyond just salaries. It allows you to design, model, and manage pay and reward programs, enabling you to see the influence of plan changes on your budget and business outcomes. Instill uniformity, transparency, and fairness in your compensation programs across your entire organization, encompassing bonuses, incentives, benefits, and more.

Project Billing

Tighten up your budget and track your project's resources like a pro. Harness the power of program cost controls in order to promote a healthy project momentum ensuring that your business remains on course. Utilize charge numbers as cost collectors to establish actual hours spent on tasks. Forecast your initiative's final cost by analyzing funds expended with work accomplished. Our solution includes interactive dashboards for comprehensive data analysis. Take control, gain insight, and make better resource decisions with our Win Workforce financial tools.


Unleash the power of Win Workforce analytics to drive intelligent decision-making decisions. Win Workforce cuts down repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on growth and innovation. To View employee metrics in isolation only provides a partial story. By merging multiple analytics into a single, comprehensive report, information becomes more meaningful. A solid reporting software is not just for large corporations. Win Workforce solutions are accessible for companies of all sizes and budgets, making it a must-have for small businesses and enterprises alike.